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View the following video to see how the Xtra Grid functions in Instant Feedback mode.The number of records in the underlying data source is 500,000 – and as such - it takes some time for the data server to process the Grid's requests and retrieve data.When in server mode, the Xtra Grid loads data in small portions and delegates all data operations (sorting, grouping, filtering and calculating summaries) to the data server.This is the key to the server mode's high efficiency when working with large volumes of data.And File Maker has been out for months, and has already gone through a software update that didn’t fix anything significant.Of course, there’s no mention of this anywhere in the File Maker Knowledge Base.With this release, our Win Forms Grid Control introduces a Find Panel – delivering an easy and straightforward way for end-users to locate information within the control.

If your application requires a Find Box to be positioned within the toolbar, you can disable the Find Panel in the Grid and place a text box within your toolbar and call the appropriate Grid methods to execute your search. I have a database that I converted from File Maker 6 (i.e. The layout was created in File Maker 6, but appears to have been preserved just fine. It just consists of a table with shades of grey in the heading part and in the space between cells. Much to my surprise, the resulting PDF file was over 3 megabytes! Today, I wanted to print a list of the records, using a layout that I had created that lists each record on a line in a table, with a few important fields. So I went to print, and clicked on the “” dialog box in Mac OS X.Prior to this release, there were two data binding modes for our Win Forms Grid Control: standard data binding mode (designed to work with small and medium sized data sources) and server mode (tailored to work with large data sources).Each of these data binding modes addresses specific business use scenarios...

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The exact same file produced from my File Maker 6 database (with a similar number of records) weighed only about 400 KB!