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Free cam swap

Michael Boatwright (right) and Tom Honsaker (left) pose in our lead photo with their respective pride-and-joys. Horse Sense: The best reason to buy a cam from one of the leaders in the Mustang world-such as Steeda Autosports-is that innumerable cam combinations have come and gone. Chief among the contributory ideas was the one sent by Mike Boatwright, who just so happens to live in your author's city of residence, Cincinnati, Ohio.Prompted by a previous 5.0&SF story, both owners asked us to follow along as they did real-world cam swaps. It is likely the company has experimented with-and designed-cams for your exact collaboration of parts. Tom enlisted the help of several of the country's top cam companies and engine builders to get their secrets, experiences, and predictions about different combinations with the right camshaft, calling the shots on four popular 5.0 variations. Mike believed the only things missing from the story were some actual cam installations with typical combinations such as his.It will sound a little meaner and shake the car with a lower idle around 550-650.The most noticeable difference was the improved power throughout the entire rpm range.On the dyno, this combination belted out 471.6 rwhp and 451.7 rwtq with a mild tune on pump gas.

This cam also features a split pattern, which favors the exhaust side of the head-excellent for supercharged cars. 18 cam has been a best-seller for years, but the No.

The company specifies a 1.60 roller rocker with the spring requirements as shown.

The "Recommended RPM Range" defines streetability with a 2,500-6,500-rpm band that doesn't drop off or hesitate, unless you have the sense to get your foot off the loud pedal.

Typically this cam works best for those wanting maximum power within the rpm constraints of the factory rev limiter.

This is not a 7,500-rpm cam, but neither are the popular manifolds, stock lifters, or stock bottom ends suitable for that rpm range.

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