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This isn't my strong suit but I can do things like come up with Dialogue and such.This was an idea that came to me and I wanted to put it out there for other people to think about.Waiting on replies to a possible interview, I realize how I haven't been with anyone since high school.My brother is always off to club Amorous, maybe now is the time to join him and see what the fuss is about.A surprise call from his childhood friend Roger leads to an invite into another town, a different college, and another chance at what he wants most: a boyfriend.Will he find what he's looking for, or further lose himself into the fantasy world crafted by Surfer Fox? Buy the game and enjoy many hours of amusing scenes and decisions. Please Accept Our Apology and If you have a Premium Membership, please Contact support so you can get your account refunded.Stuck in his hometown, going to the local college, living with his parents... He spends most of his time alone reading his favorite author, Surfer Fox, who writes stories about love and romance, but mostly off-the-wall tales of guys having sex.

If you would like to play it go here: Dating sim: yaoi warning by ~Bunni-Hime -EXTRA- Also, if you go through Bunni-Hime's gallery, you'll find a cute If you want to change his expression back to normal after you change it, you have to click an area on his right cheek.

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Our motto speaks volumes to our intentions, Furry - Where real relationships begin.

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Hey, haven't been on for a while, so I decided to talk about a game I've played in the past!

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You play the handsome Luxray gijinka who lives with a small shinx boy who adresses you by onii-sama.

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