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Have you ever built something in a sandbox, tested it, and then manually rebuilt it in your live Salesforce instance? This article will walk you through a point-and-click feature in Salesforce called Change Sets to move everything easily from a sandbox into production in just a few minutes.A change set is a group of configuration elements that can be transferred between instances of Salesforce.In this case, we can tell pull to automatically populate the needed components by running: Which will use a smart algorithm for picking up the minimum set of aliases that cover the missing components.If you want to have pull always use the auto-populate option, you can put the following in your config file: When you clone a repository, the copy created by clone will have the source of the clone as its parent.You can find the source behind this post at Github. Currently in TFS 2015 build summary we have the list of associated change sets.For instance, when you add new fields to a Change Set, you will have to add all custom Profiles as well, or these custom fields will be marked hidden (in field-level security) for all Profiles in Production.

Follow this steps to activate that feature: Sometimes you might want to create a new Change Set that is the combination of several other Change Sets and put it on top of a new parent Change Set.Oftentimes you wonder what work has been done in a clone of a certain baseline.Maybe you forgot, maybe you just want to review what would be pushed.This is desirable, for instance, when you’ve worked on a feature and have been tracking a master branch, and now you want to integrate your work as a single Change Set on top of the Tip of the master branch.The first command will make sure you are completely synchronized with the master repository.

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That is, we want to roll back to a certain Change Set, but want to reproduce the set of components that were populated when the Change Set was made.

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