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Even if a pilot begins his approach to the ship perfectly, every little adjustment to maintain that path to the ship requires counter-adjustments in other areas – 'just dozens of corrections, tiny corrections, that I'm making' for the final 18 seconds, called 'flying on the ball.'The Super Hornets and Growlers were built with digital flight controls, and some automation was built into the system from the start.

during recent tests on the USS Washington, told Naval Aviation News.

“I was a cigarette smoker in those days, and I had one in my hand.

As I crossed the room, I noticed that the eyeball was tracking me.” First Sidewinder Ace? Wally Schirra (2nd from right) takes delivery of an F2H Demon from Mc Donnell design chief David S. Lewis went on to become President of Mc Donnell and CEO of General Dynamics. As a Sidewinder project test pilot, Schirra once had one of his own Sidewinders circle back at him.

“It is easy to build something complicated; it’s hard to build it so that it’s simple.” The final design was indeed simple: a parabolic mirror spinning gyroscopically at 4,200 rpm inside the rocket’s transparent nose.

The distance of an infrared blip’s reflection from the axis of spin indicated its angle-off; current from the centrally mounted lead-sulfide detector kept the “eye” on target via electromagnets around its rim and controlled the missile’s canard guide fins.

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The US Navy has revealed a radical new system allowing fighter pilots to land on deck safely.