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We use our own and third party cookies to perform analysis and publicity so we can give a better service.If you continue using our website we will consider that you agree with our cookies terms of use.In Texas in the fall of 1980, college freshman Jake (Blake Jenner) – a hotshot pitcher in high school – moves into the house he will be sharing with other members of the fictional Southeast Texas Cherokees college baseball team and meets several of his new teammates, including his roommate Billy (Will Brittain) who has been nicknamed "Beuter" because of his Southern accent.He joins Finnegan (Glen Powell), Roper (Ryan Guzman), Dale (Quinton Johnson), and Plummer (Temple Baker) cruising the campus by car, looking to meet female students.Stopping to chat with two women moving into their apartment, upperclassmen Roper – an unapologetic hound-dog – and Finnegan – adopting a false feminist tone – both "strike out" with them, but one of them – Beverly (Zoey Deutch) – comments that she likes Jake ("the quiet guy in the back seat"); he makes a note of her apartment number.

He runs into Plummer in his classroom, and they settle in for their first lecture.The next morning, Beverly calls him and they quickly agree to meet.She explains that she's a performing-arts major; Jake answers only that he's a baseball player, based on advice given to him by Finnegan.Jake continues to get close to Beverly and they end up spending the rest of the night together.The next morning, the semester begins and Jake and Beverly walk together from her apartment, parting to go to their separate classes.

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In August 2014, Linklater ceased involvement on the Warner Bros. Limpet, stating that he wanted to concentrate on a university-set, 1980s baseball film under the working title of That's What I'm Talking About.

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