Warning signs youre dating a loser

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They say you have to kiss some frogs before you meet your prince but how do you spot the pond dwelling losers from relationship royalty?

In the search for Mr Right, it is inevitable that you will date a few Mr Wrongs but it isn’t always easy to know the difference in the early stages of dating.

Any attempt from you to address his lack of commitment results in him accusing you of being suffocating and needy. Mr Wise Guy We all like knowing something others may not as it makes us feel significant and special but if your date is quashing your self-worth to elevate his then it is a big red flag that you’re dating Mr Wise Guy.

By placing his intelligence higher than yours, he is clearly demonstrating that he is not a balanced individual.

What constitutes paranoia in the early phase of relationships?

Wasting time on someone who is not worthy of you is like engaging in the seven deadly sins and should be avoided.

When you’re together, Mr Neglect tends to put his needs and wants above yours with no regard for your comfort or happiness.One of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life will be your choice of the kind of person you will marry. Do not ever allow yourself to be so trapped in your emotions that you feel you are unable to get out of such a relationship.We all inevitably turn to self-doubt when we’re afraid we can’t control our experience.If you’ve been hurt in the past or know a friend who has been cheated on then it’s understandable that you might have your guard up.So when that tall, dark, handsome guy catches your eye, how can you tell the difference between an overactive imagination and the red flag warning sign that this man is not the one for you?

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Below are 12 signs to help you detect whether or not you are dating a bum.

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