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"Ha, there's enough to at least get me through the first day," Phil replied.

With that they backed out of the drive way and headed off out of town to the lake.

" "No problem Phil, I'll even chuck in a couple of girly drinks for them so they don't bitch and moan too much," Dave laughed.

On the day of departure, Phil drove past Dave's place to rendezvous before heading off to the lake.

May grinned at Dave and wound the window down to say hello, knowing what was going on, whilst April sat with her head against the window, obviously asleep.

Dave went back and shut the door to the house and jumped in his ute.

"Hah, I don't think we'll have a huge problem," Phil laughed back down the phone.

"God, how can I survive time alone in a canoe with that? He grabbed the paddles and life jackets and threw them into the canoe before pulling it down to the water's edge.As her hands went back, she thrust her chest out and Dave eyed the sight of her firm breasts sticking out from her chest. Only with reluctance did Dave tear his gaze away as the sound of May's door opening brought him back to where he was."Geez," he thought to himself, "I haven't even had a drink yet, this could be tough! " he called out to April as she turned in his direction.Dave helped out and an hour later, the camp was all set, Phil and May having a tent to share with a smaller tent set apart for April.April was busy stashing her gear in her tent as the three older people perched themselves on chairs and relaxed for a while after the exertions of setting up.

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